Why I'm Wearing A Bikini After My 7 lb. Weight Gain

I'm so excited to be writing this blog post for you all! This one is gonna be near and dear to my heart because it feels quite vulnerable to be sharing my body in this two piece after I gained weight recently! YES, you read that right I did this photoshoot about gaining 7 lbs this past spring. And it's kinda crazy because that weight has crept on slowly and I didn't own a scale for most of this time so I'm not really sure of the timeline. All I know, is a few extra curves were NOT going to keep me from sharing this retro swimmie with you babes and here's why below (keep reading!) xoxo :) 


I don't think our weight or our body insecurities should define us as people but so often we let it! In a world filled with Kim Kardashians it's really hard to feel secure in the body God gave you. Trust me I know! I've always struggled with body image, so much so that I had an eating disorder for a brief period in high school. I've gained weight, I've lost weight, I've gained muscle but never saw the scale move, I've gained weight when I started working out, I've done it all! And the only thing I can say is my body has never looked radically different, so much of it has been in my mind. So much of this crazy ride that is being healthy and fit is mental! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!! That's really it.

We go through cycles of self-sabatoge and self loathing because we are unhappy with the skin we are in but that only continues to keep us in the binging cycle. Yep, I've gained weight but that doesn't change my mindset to throw in the towel or beat myself up. It motivates me! Not to lose those 7 lbs in one week but to keep my mind healthy at any weight I am. To keep my thoughts positive in my head, to not let the enemy create a space to bring me down. And it's so easy to let him. In a world where social media creates a high standard seeing the thinest, fittest, most beautiful people on the planet strut their stuff, we can start to buy into lies. But that's not reality! I'll be the first to admit I straighten out my armpit fat on pictures if it's obvious. It's not because I want to lie to the world about my armpit fat, it's because I'm putting out a picture for a platform of people to see it and I've learned a how to edit photos. I don't edit ALL of my pictures like that but I'm not ashamed that I do it now and then if it enhances the picture and still looks like my body.

I don't think anything is wrong with that! Part of it is fun since I love to edit but I think you have to find a good line of where that's healthy and where it's not. I want you to keep in mind that us bloggers do it! We have studied photography, we have learned how to edit our photos in a way that presents our best self, but at the end of the day EVERYONE has body image insecurities and no one is perfect. Instagram is NOT reality so don't go looking for your self worth there. So here's my 7 lbs on display for you to see! Love it or don't, doesn't really matter because I guarantee next week the scale will say something slightly different and I'll be damned if I let that new number change the way I love myself. 

Thanks for reading and letting me share my story! Have the most wonderful week ahead. (Shop My Retro Two Piece Below)




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