Fly Like A Bird (Pursuing Two Career Paths at Once)

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I want to discuss balancing acting with fashion blogging or any other side career! It's not easy! And there's no real concrete answer on how to accomplish both with the same effort. Last year in 2017 I took a big step away from acting to focus on my marriage, save money on a cruise ship, and travel Europe and I really don't have much to complain about. It was the BEST decision I could have done for my acting career. After training at Texas State I left college really in my head as an actor. I've always struggled with feeling self conscious on stage but it definitely magnified after intense training through my acting program. I wish I was strong enough to let that go but at the time it was something I really battled and over the course of my studies there it only got worse. So once I graduated and moved to NYC I was hoping for a fresh perspective and start. NYC gave me that absolutely but in some ways since I hit the ground running pretty fast, I hadn't quite processed the things I needed to work out in my own life; even separate from acting. When Chris and I were offered the cruise ship and made the decision to do it I never would have guessed it would be my answer to prayers in more ways that one. It created a space for me to breathe, a chance to truly take a step away and let my training, my identity find it's place within me and it did just that. (Continued below...)

 And now in 2018; I'm living in LA, working on a role in a show (Alik: Marina Oswald) that I couldn't be more proud of and enjoying modeling part time. I have more of a community here in LA than I ever did in NYC and I've met more industry people that I feel confident about than in my two years in NYC. Sometimes it's the head space your in and it's also God knowing what's best for you. I say all this knowing that the future is up in the air in terms of where I will live in a year. My hubby and I may still be long distance, we may still have our lives in storage in NJ but at the end of the day we have each other. I spent so much of last year focusing on the blog and now I'm ok taking a step back from it a bit to put all my energy into acting. With that being said I think it's important to first: 

1) Create a schedule! I'm not always great at this but when I have it helps. I'm constantly juggling between work (I'm a nanny), the show, driving (which takes up a lot of my time, applying to auditions on backstage, editing and writing blog posts. And of course somewhere in there I have to eat, sleep, workout, and make sure I'm communicating with my hubby! It's a lot and I don't even have kids yet. So the answer is: I'm not superwoman and I can't do it all with the same gusto but I can make process in each area; the important ones being at the top of the list! 

2) Make a 6 month goals list! When I moved to LA I made a list of goals that I wanted to work towards in my first six months here and a lot of them have already been checked off. This timeline/list helped me imagine my goals in a more attainable way. My goals being: meet Casting Directors and Agents, take film classes, apply to modeling agencies, perform in a industry showcase. So far in my two months I've met with industry agents and CD's, I've worked with 5 photographers in order to increase my modeling portfolio, performed in a showcase, and the most unexpected thing is working in the play I'm currently in. So I have still have some things to focus on but I feel really good about the progress so far! 

3) Work on the first thing on your list! For me acting is the number one priority right now. It's the reason why I moved to LA so of course I have to treat it as so and make sure it comes first. Which means the blog is 2nd or 3rd on my list! I haven't had as much time or energy to keep up with likes/engagement on Instagram and to post as consistently as I need to be which is why companies like Jumper are super important! I haven't officially starting working with a IG marketing agency but I'm about at that step. I can no longer keep up with it on my own so sometimes outside help is necessary and I'm not ashamed to do it! 

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I had the pleasure of working with some fantastic photographers out here in Los Angeles and one of them being the talented Ryan Doll; check out his IG HERE! We both vibed in sync on creating this boho Cali aesthetic. I love creating and working with new photographers! One of my favorite parts about blogging/modeling. 

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