Office Holiday Party Ideas featuring Plaid Blazers


You know the office parties are pilling up between your own office events and your boyfriend or spouse's. And what do you wear is the question on your mind! You have that holiday office party around 5pm. but you have to wear your outfit all day at your desk what should you wear? You wanna remain professional yet festive and that's why I put together this look featuring plaid on plaid. From the jacket to the shoes there's a selection of plaid love going on in this outfit. And of course these corduory ankle pants are the perfect shade to spice up this outfit yet still appropraite to any work function and activity throughout the day! I found my Zara blazer when I was overseas and I'm so happy it's still online for you guys to check it out. I might even wear it as a dress one day! Below I've listed my top picks for the perfect plaid blazers for work functions under $100. 

Outfit Tip: I'm wearing a size small in this Zara blazer and it fits perfectly. I don't like my blazers to be baggy which is definitely a trend right now. I'm wearing a size 4 in these mustard pants. I could easily wear a size 6 in them but I like them to be a little more fitted in case they get looser over time. 

Outfit Details: Plaid blazer from Zara, lace top from Free people (lace options below), black bow from Nordstrom's, Corduroy Pant from Banana Republic, and Kelly and Katie plaid heels from DSW. 

My Favorite Plaid Blazers Under $100

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