My Journey with Rejecting Fear and Trusting God with My Career


My Core Fear

There’s nothing like being fearful over your next step in life, your future, and if you’re walking it alone! It feels like uncharted waters to walk towards a new path and be still unsure if it’s the “right” path to take. Have you been there? Can I let you in on a little secret…this is exactly where I am right now. I’m possibly about to forsake one saturated career path (acting) for another (fashion blogging) and i’m SCARED beyond belief! And this is the first time i’m talking about in this capacity…


When I first moved to Los Angeles I moved out here to pursue acting and do so fearlessly! I told myself not to fear the unknown but to go for it with open arms and that’s what I did. That kind of mindset is what got me signed with an agent and manager in the first six months of living in LA which usually takes years to do. I was over the moon and ready to audition for bigger projects and make that money! To my disappointment that’s not what happened…both of my agent and manager fell flat. I had literally zero auditions with my agent and this past spring it was like crickets with my manager. I felt discouraged, angry, disappointed, and bitter towards the industry. Feeling knocked down I started to feel angry with God at why it all happened in the first place and where I was headed next. It was

Thinking back to this past spring I slowly stopped auditioning and start focusing more on my fashion blog, growing my Instagram, and building my influence on social media. I’ve been creating content without fail for two years on Girl of an Era and haven’t reaped any financial gain from all my hard work. It was up till this point my passion project but I was finding my relentless drive for it to be unwavering compared to anything else i’ve pursued. Unfortunately, I was missing the mark and scared of the business side of the blogging industry. I felt burnt out from my day job (I’m a nanny) and wanted to finally make money doing what I love, even if it wasn’t from acting...

My Turning Point: The Decision To Cast Out Fear

So I made a decision!!! I decided that in order to ever make money doing what I love; (influencing) in order to pursue my other career path I love (acting) I needed to put all my energy and dedication into influencing and my blog. The end goal would be to monetize it after all these years of hard work. Starting in February I’ve been spending my time learning all I can about pitching to brands, taking courses on Pinterest, and trying to build a deeper connection with my followers. From the girl who for the last two years was scared to take this hobby more seriously I started chasing it with everything in me! I realized I had been handicapped by fear. Fear was the main power in my life and was keeping me from pushing through with both of my dreams. It still does many days. I realized a couple months ago that the only thing keeping me from my dreams was the power I gave my unbelief and my fear. NO MORE SATAN!!! Can I get an amen?

How do we finally surrender our control, our dreams, our fear and give it all up to God? That’s a great question and i’m still in the process of figuring out just that but what I can say is that it’s a choice! A choice to pray, ask him for help, reject fear in the name of Jesus and ask Him to replace it with trust.

These verses have really helped calm my heart and bring me closer to Jesus:

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall guard your heart and thoughts in Christ Jesus.

John 4: 18 There is no fear in love: but perfect love cast out fear, because fear hath punishment; and he who fear is not made perfect in love.

Proverbs 3: 5 -6 Trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your path.

I’m at the beginning of this journey with rejecting fear…it’s scary to change a mindset I’ve had for my whole life and trust in Jesus with my future but i’m ready! I’m making the choice. I think the feelings of freedom will follow. I hope this post was encouraging to any of you who have struggled with this very same thing! It can feel crippling but with the Lord he is sufficient enough to bring you through anything with a. little trust in Him.

Love you always,


Kara is wearing a sailor bow from Runway Misfitz! You can shop their adorable bows on their etsy shop HERE or their Instagram HERE. My lilac purple wrap dress is from French Connection; shop HERE.