My First Trip to the Grand Canyon


Can you believe this incredible view?! Just two weeks ago my hubby and I took a 3 day road trip to Los Angeles and saw the Grand Canyon on the way. Here's a little recap of our trip and some fun facts about us!

Things we LOVE to do on road trips: 

-We love listening to political podcasts! Podcasts and radio dramas of all kind. Chris got me into them; we find that listening to political podcasts helps us keep up with what's going on in our government and also cultivates conversations between us that challenge us and help us both grow. 

-Chris loves listening to podcasts on his own time too while I tend to play my previously downloaded NETFLIX shows and movies. I watched Spotlight (it was last year's best picture winner) for the second time and of course the nostalgic Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst. 

-And we stalk up on tons of snacks! Usually we go for the bad junk food but this time (maybe it was LA getting to me) but I packed some healthy carrots, apples, nuts, and health bars for our trip. 

The 1st Day: We drove to Albuquerque New Mexico and Christopher surprised me with romantic evening in the cutest one story farm style air b and b for the night! 

The 2nd Day: Our second day we spent lounging in the hot tub of the air b and b and binge watching the third season of Broadchurch. 

The 3rd Day: We drove through Arizona to the Grand Canyon and stopped at this sweet little diner in Kingman AZ. 

The 4th Day: No more stops because our last stop is Los Angeles California! We arrived in Sherman Oaks California which is nestled in the center of the San Fernando Valley. Chris and I unpacked the car and graced the aisles of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's for some much needed non road trip food. 


Outfit Details: Black Faux Leather Hat from Target, Faux Leather Jacket from Zara, "Blogger's Day Off" Tee custom made from Ebay, and similar puma sneakers here. 

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