Mom Jeans and Plaid Fleece at Mainstay Farms


This past Sunday my husband's family and I took a trip to Mainstay Farms in Cleburne Tx. to look at Christmas trees and watch our nephews feed the farm animals. It was an entire family outing with a total of five cars in total attending! He comes from a large family with two older siblings who have 5 kids in total and one on the way! So every family event is full of laughter, hugs, kisses, dirty hands and frequent bathroom runs! My in laws accepted me as one of the family very early on in our dating life. My husband comes from a strong Christian home with the most loving people you'll ever meet and I feel blessed to be one of them now. See pictures from our wonderful time at Mainstay Farms below! Now as my mother in law was expressing last night, when she sees pictures of people on Facebook with the perfect family photo it's easy to think they are the perfect family but just know that we aren't perfect! Neither was this day. We had melt downs from the kids, allergies and misery from myself, my husband got sick and laid down in the car half the day from a stomach ache and by the end of it the kids were exhausted so I say all that because there's always something and no family is perfect! Although this day was pretty close to it even with some obstacles in the mist of it. If your interested in checking out Mainstay Farms I would highly recommend it! It's filled with activities for kids and their parents. For example, they have a giant tube slide (my favorite part), zip lining, tractor rides, goats and donkeys, funnel cakes, bikes, and a trampoline! Check out the Mainstay Farms website for my info! 

Above is the perfect farm girl hipster outfit! I was so excited to take pictures in plaid at the farm although in Texas it's still in the 70's some days. Below is a picture of my maid of honor/best friend Brianna and I being our crazy goofy selves! We are two peas in a pod when were together. She came up from Austin to hang with the whole family for the day. We became best friends after being in the same acting class at Texas State University. She now lives in Austin working as a personal trainer and pursing acting. 


I just adore my sweet nephews! The love I feel for them gives me a glimpse of the love I will feel for my own children one day. On the left is Ethan who is one of four boys from Christopher's sisters family. He's four years old and has the sweetest smile and most adventurous personality. On the top right I'm holding little Elliot (Ethan's younger brother.) He's two years old with a lot of energy; he's trying to keep up with two older brothers. The bottom left picture is precious Emmett. He is the youngest brother of the clan of four brothers and is the most snuggly baby. And bottom already met Brianna but I added another picture of her because I love her!

Aren't these boys just darling?! They truly melt my heart. They have such a love for Jesus at such a young age that challenges me and makes me believe in such a miraculous Lord. They have such great parents, Anna and Phillip Hall, who have raised them to love large and care about others. They are the sweetest things and I'm so proud to be their Aunt. See Anna and Phillip below as well as my other little nephew Jack! 


Below in the first row of pictures is my sister in law Jessica and my brother in law Michael (Chris's brother.) They have a sweet almost two year old named Jack! We are still deciding who he looks more like! Also he's gonna be a big brother in just a few weeks. We are happy to welcome the first girl in our immediate family. With all these cousins she's going to be well protected. The bottom row of pictures features my amazing sister in law Anna (Chris's sister) and her husband Phillip. They are rockstar parents with kids ages five, four, two, and a three month old. Anna is supermom and the patience she has for her kids inspires me! I look up to both these women so much as mothers and as people. Can you say I'm blessed? I would! Next to their parent picture is a better picture of Elliot being quite the child model at two years old. 

I just adore this joyful picture of nephew and uncle. My husband is carrying Ethan and I love how photogenic Ethan is being in this picture! It melts my heart!  (Ethan is Anna and Phillip's four year old.) 


Family is everything. These memories we create are what life is really about. Thanks for allowing me to share mine with you!

Outfit Details: Plaid Shirt from American Eagle, Mom Jeans from American Eagle, Gray Cap from H&M (old) check out this pink one here and this Herschel gray one here



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