How To Brand Yourself As An Actor

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BRANDING- is so important when running a successful business! I've learned a lot about marketing and branding over the past few years due to my blog but also as my main focus right now, ACTING. I'm constantly shooting new content for Instagram or Girl of an Era but recently I started to question if I was branding myself in the same way for my acting career. I found Issac Alvarez (the photographer for this shoot) in a model and photographer's Facebook group I'm in. I found out that he shoots celebrities portraits and that his prices hold to that kind of clientele. I noticed him post in the group about a special he was having. He was opening up his studio to the general public to do a once in a lifetime one hour studio session at a extremely discounted price. I immediately jumped on it and I'm so happy with the drama of these pictures. He truly captured the essence of the actor I am and the roles I want to play. I love the classics! Period pieces etc. I always tell people that if I could go back in time and play any part in any movie it would be either be Gone with the Wind or Titanic. The white sweater photos were more of that feminine heroine side and the black crop top photos were intended to capture a deeper part of me. The world through the eyes of the abandoned, the abused, the fighter, the scared. I wanted to show a woman who was deeply hurt yet is still standing. A lot to gather from a few pictures, I know! So you may not see all of these qualities like I do and that's ok! 

I hope you can see how vital it is to find out who you are in your art. I'm slowly but surely bringing more and more of myself to my acting. And these pictures are just a representation of the actor I have become in my short time in Los Angeles. 

A few questions as an actor to ask yourself: 

1) How am I marketing myself?

  1. Send out postcards with your headshot and email!

  2. Save up some money and book a "branding" portrait shoot. I've seen everything from what you see here to very bubbly and commercial type photoshoots for actors. Post them to your social media accounts and your acting website.

  3. What are three adjectives that describe me as an actor. Write them out!

  4. Know what tv shows are currently on Netflix, showtime, HBO, and amazon. What type of show are you right for? Understand the style of the show...the dialogue, the language. And find out who casts them!

  5. What actors or actresses are you similar too? Mine would be: Amy Adams, Mandy Moore in This is Us, and Scarlett Johansson.

2) Who in the acting industry knows MY name? 

  1. This is soooo important you guys! You may know who they are (which you should...I keep a word document of everyone's info) but they may not know who YOU are. That's what matters! You have to get in front of these people. That means Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, Filmmakers.

  2. Some of my best friends here in LA happen to be filmmakers. I love hearing about all the films they are producing and writing. They share with me their creative process and their passion is contagious. Surround yourself with people who are ambitious and passionate about not just "thinking" but "creating!"

  3. Get in front of Casting Directors etc. Attend film festivals, go to networking events, do a showcase, or create your own actor's hangout group. Get involved in something or create the opportunity yourself.

I really hope this blog post helped any of my actor friends get a little clarity on branding and on marketing your brand! Figure out what's special about you; what's unique about your personality and look and sell it. Know where you fit in the industry and then start introducing yourself to the people in that niche. Because nothing is better than your authentic and beautifully designed self! 

Below: Modern day rose from Titanic. 

These photos remind me of one of my favorite films of all time: Million Dollar Baby! Hilary Swank gave one of the most moving performances I've ever seen these pictures remind of the character she played. 

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