High Fashion Masculinity Is the New Sexy

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Gearing up for New Years Eve I was racking my brain for fun ways to jazz up my regular makeup routine to showcase a party look and Too Faced came to my rescue! I found this Too Faced "Tis The Season To Sparkle" kit at Sephora and it was the most affordable find at $24.

What's In The Lip Kit? 

  • The kit comes with 4 different shimmer powders; colors including: white, gold (showcased here), dark blue, and black.
  • How does it stay on? It comes with lip glue. It was a struggle at first to figure out how to best apply the glitter on top of the glue. I figured out that applying a dime size dab each time and then applying the glitter afterwards to that exact spot was the best way to avoid clumps. Continue dabbing and applying until your lips are completely full. Be sure to get inside those corners and up into the cracks of your lips. 

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This photoshoot is unlike anything I've ever done before. It was inspired by gossip girl and NYE! I've seen tons of magazine covers with this tomboy edgy vest and jean with something glam like this bold necklace and I wanted to create my own version. I've always wanted to find a vest like this to add to my wardrobe and Banana Republic always seems to have them. I've been through a few vests that I almost bought at Banana but held off. This time I splurged and bought it knowing that I wanted the sexiness of avoiding a shirt underneath. We started with the red skirt you see below but really in the end the wide leg jeans worked so much better. Two completely different looks but I was able to bring more grunginess with these blue jeans. My photographer and collaborator on this shoot is my dear friend Sydney Goodwin. She's one of my best friends from college. She and I took pictures together before we left NYC and now I can officially say that I have an Instagram husband now. Thanks to Chris for snapping pictures of me all through Europe. 

A Note to Future Bloggers/Fellow Blogger Friends: Don't be afraid to be bold! Yes, posting a picture of a cozy pull over sweatshirt and yoga pants are definitely relatable and easy to make money off of. Who doesn't want to feel cute in some loungewear? But style is more than just what you wear in your everyday life. Sometimes it's about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and raising the bar. That's what it means to me! Think of a style idea you've always wanted to try but doubted yourself; got it? Ok now say SCREW THAT! Seriously, life is way too short to not wear the dress that say's "I'm sexy today, and I don't care who thinks otherwise." Life is also too short to have that "dream body" before you wear the clothes you're always wanted to wear. I'm not saying no to living life the way I should and that starts with how I carry myself. 2018 is a new start and that begins with loving ourselves right where we are; messy hair and all! 

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