French Mod Perception in Downtown LA

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Well I'm finally a California girl which means that of course my style WILL change! I'm a chameleon in that way. I maintain a consistent femininity to anything I wear but the way that manifests can definitely be influenced by the place I'm living. In NYC that meant a lot of scarves, layers, hats, boots, dark and warm colors with an edge. In Europe it was straight lines, feminine simplicity, and solid neutrals. As for Los Angeles?! Well the jury is still out since I've only been here a couple of weeks but I have a feeling it could be my best version yet! See my inspiration pictures below for this look as well as SHOP the this outfit.

This shoot was inspired by black and white photography/French mod style. I wanted to play with perception here. I'm not a smoker but as I was researching on Pinterest types of French photography, I noticed of course a lot of playing with cigarettes and smoke. This was literally the second cig I've smoked in my life! I wanted to play with this dark and high fashion theme and see if I could get close to the inspiration below. I think I found something here that isn't like anything below but my own essence of this mood. I had a blast taking pictures in the Fashion District downtown with Galya Budagova. Her IG had the exact color combination and essence I wanted in my pictures and I think we nailed this shoot together. Check out her Instagram HERE

Years ago I become obsessed with Marion Cotillard; a French actress who gained international fame from her film La Vie En Rose. I adored this movie and she was the first person who attracted me to French haircuts, French clothing, and the French way of life! Also since I'm American I couldn't resist bringing these two worlds together in this shoot which is why I did pictures with denim (The American Look) as well as the blazer (Messy French) for a more refined sexy. I think playing with different styles can definitely change the story you're telling. Which do you like better?! The all American look or the messy French look? I can't decide!

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket from Nordstrom's, Plaid Blazer from Forever 21, Black High Knee boots from Nordstrom's under $130,  (Pictured wearing Sam Edelman, boots from my closet) black bodysuit from Nordstrom's, High Rise Shorts from Gap but I love these Urban Outfitter's options Here and Here. My black choker from Francesca's and Western Belt from Urban Outfitters. 

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