Fall Inspired Jacket at Tivoli Amusement Park


   Going through these pictures of Tivoli really made me miss my cruise experience and Europe. It was such a special adventure that I'll always remember. I learned so much about myself and the person I want to become. There's quite a lot of stereotypes about Americans in the rest of the world's eyes. To name a few: spoiled, entitled, uneducated, and cocky to name a few. Some of these words didn't surprise me but others made me feel sad about the way our country is perceived. Learning this definitely helped me reflect on my own character. After a week back in the states I can't help but find it hard to adjust to being home and being on land. Trust me I'm thrilled to have unlimited data and unlimited tex Mex on every block but I'm missing the people that made an impact on my life over the past 6 months. It was such a surreal experience that truly changed me. I made a best friend in South Africa who I'm already planning on visiting in the next year or two. Another best friend in Colombia and others in Peru and Serbia. These amazing people from my Youth Counseling job have changed me and helped me to find an inner confidence and thankfulness I didn't otherwise have before. So many people on the ship were so grateful for their job; they are able to send money home and feed their children or buy their parents house for them so anytime I started to take for granted this experience I thought about them and their hope for a better future and it made me pretty thankful for all the wonderful blessings God's given me.  God knew what he was doing when he called Christopher and I to the Noreweign Getaway and let me tell you I think next summer I might just have to go back! 


Fun Facts About Tivoli: Did you all know that Tivoli Gardens was the second running amusement park in the world?! It was hauntingly beautiful during October. Filled up with hundreds of pumpkins, apple cider, cotton candy, popcorn, hot chocolate, and amazing rickety wooden rides! We went with the cast of my husband's show (Million Dollar Quartet) and rode through their version of Space Mountain and The Batman ride from Six Flags. It was a beautiful memory that I'll never forget! P.S.- Walt Disney was inspired by Tivoli when he created the idea of Disney World. 


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Outfit Details: Embroidered Jacket from Zara, Ripped Black Jeans from American Eagle, Retro Shades from Zara but similar style here, and Black Strappy Sandals from DSW. 


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