Embracing Your Own Creative Genius While Avoiding The Comparison Game


Breaking Up With The Comparison Game and Finding Creative Freedom

In today’s culture the next youtube sensation or Instagram influencer reaching 200K has become a new kind of normal. And I’m on the outside of this circle looking in. It’s a strange world when it comes to social media and to say I’m an expert on how to navigate growth would be so far from the truth. I’ve never had a piece of content go viral on one of these apps and let me tell you my self esteem ain’t broke! I don’t play the comparison game anymore and breaking that bad habit has been the gateway to CREATIVE FREEDOM one new photoshoot idea at a time.

So then…the question you want answered: How Do We Embrace and Ignite Our Own Creative Genius? Is it in ALL of us? I think YES! In some form or fashion, I believe there is a manifestation of art inside each person on this earth. You just have to stop scrolling, stop ignoring, and start being inspired in order to ignite the flame.

10 Things You Can Do Today To Ignite Your Creative Genius

1) Mastering Self Doubt: Everyone has struggled with self doubt at one point or another and it’s a weapon the enemy can use to keep us stagnant, unmotivated, defeated, and our own worst enemy! Here’s the thing: I don’t believe i’m the best blogger to ever walk this earth by any means but I do believe it’s God’s will for me to be pursuing it! You can’t expect to develop and create perfect and high quality art right out of the gate!

  • It takes time, money, learned skills, resources, connections to develop the thing you see your favorite Idol doing. But you can have the biggest component of all and that’s DRIVE and a PASSION to create! You + that drive = a beginning to unlocking the artist inside of you.

2) See Yourself As An Equal Player: This goes hand in hand with self doubt. It wasn’t till this year that I started to confidently call myself a content creator! Before then, I said “I have a side hobby as a fashion blogger.” I said it without confidence because I wasn’t making money. I still don’t make a ton of money from IG or my blog but the way I pursue it is as if i’m making MILLIONS! I pursue it as a career path now, not just a hobby. Do you see your favorite artists in your industry doing well? Start to view yourself as an equal player in the game. Not above or below but ENOUGH. You are enough and you’re work is good enough to call yourself an equal player. Belief in yourself comes from an everyday choice to DO your dream; not just thinking about your dream. Two things that kept me from seeing myself as a content creator:

1) I wasn’t pursuing it 100 %. I was getting my feet wet and working on it at 30 %.

2) I wasn’t willing to look at my content objectively and believe that it was comparable to others in my field. In order to see the results you want from whatever artistic industry you’re in you’re gonna have to stop apologizing for your work! Don’t apologize for showing up, for creating STELLAR content, and for believing in your work and abilities. Once you can confidently say that you believe in you’re strong contender among your peers, others will take notice of that confidence and therefore treat you with the respect your artistry deserves!

3) Stop Scrolling and Start Pinning: Get off of social media and start finding inspiration! Not that you can’t be inspired by the content on IG or other apps… you can, but it can also lead you down the rabbit hole of the well known comparison game! Just don’t do it! It’s a fast road to self doubt and throwing in the towel. I use Pinterest to inspire creativity and ignite new ideas based off the artwork and photography I see on the app. I never want to repeat the exact same concept someone else has created but if I love it; I’ll let it inspire me to create something with my own spin on it! It will always be different because it’s your resources, your style of art, and your vision that’s makes it unique to you so don’t be afraid to reinvent.

4) Be Inspired By The Right Artists: Whether it’s content creation for Instagram, making a movie, acting in a play, writing a blog or a film script, or creating a literal piece of artwork you can develop you’re own inspiration network! Get really specific about others work you admire and that inspires your own and watch their journey closely. Become their biggest fan! Sometimes even reaching out to these people can result in a networking relationship. I’ve reached out to my biggest inspirations on IG and they have been very receptive to meeting me or sharing their journey. Even making a vision board of work that inspires your own and looking at everyday is a great way to focus your own creativity.

5) Find Your Creative Tribe: You don’t have to be alone to be an artist! I know it’s a stereotype that artists like to be isolated or work alone but I don’t think it’s a requirement at all! I think it’s helpful to have a network of close friends who can be your checks and balances. I go to some of my good influencer friends for advice and questions all the time and it sharpens and challenges me! Surround yourself with artists and friends that believe in your work and inspire it. Don’t befriend those that might be jealous or a skeptic. You need all the motivation and cheerleaders you can get in your corner because you have to be self motivating to be an artist.

6) Read Magazines: I want to inspire you to go back to the vision board idea and start making your entire home into a place that stimulates that creativity juice inside your brain! Can I get an amen sister? Seriously though, cutting out magazine pictures and inspo is such a great way to keep that vision of your feed, your work, or your goals right at your finger tips. Sometimes I need someone else’s work to spark a creative idea of my own. I love cutting something out and pinning it to a vision board that way I don’t forget what inspired me.

7) Take A Trip By Yourself: Traveling can be the best cleanse for your soul! If you’re stagnant in your work, taking a personal getaway for yourself is a MUST! Whether it’s with a girlfriend or by yourself, seeing a different culture or place can bring so much inspiration and cultivate an idea or a new vision for your work. You don’t h

8) Journaling You’re Way To Inspiration: If you’re sitting at you’re favorite coffee shop with your fingers on the keyboard waiting for inspiration to come…you might keep waiting love! When it’s the prime time moment for me to create sometimes my brain seems to literally stop working. And then I feel like I wasted hours sitting there thinking of what to work on. Can I suggest bringing a journal with you wherever you go! Sometimes the best inspiration comes when I’m driving in the car! I’ll literally pull over and write down my ideas the minute I think of it because I will totally forget it 30 minutes later.

9) Let Your Caption Do The Leading: Often times influencers or bloggers see a cute outfit and decide to create a shoot based on what trend they want to sport vs. something they have to say! I have changed my entire perspective on creating content after realizing the power my own voice on social media has. It will transform your creativity when you actually plan out your content ahead of time and start by using you’re own thoughts, stories, and message as the power behind your content!

10). Train Yourself To Think Outside The Box: Find a new angle in your work! This can be applied to photography skills, content creation, blogging, and any other art form you’re pursuing! Taking the route most followed is easy to do because you have a road map; the harder road to take is creating a piece of art with an original idea! But how do you unlock those golden nugget ideas? You sit with yourself for 15 minutes and allow yourself to think. YES!!! It’s that easy. No phone, no laptop, no tv. Just you and that noggin of yours. Be best friends with your own uniqueness and imagination. What speaks to you? It could be a social message you want to talk about in a new and fresh way, could be story you want to tell, or advice you want to give. Whatever it is you want to communicate let yourself be BOLD and do it in a way that’s never been done! And remember, it’s YOU that makes your art unique, not the idea itself. Most ideas have been done a million different ways. What makes them unique is the person creating it.

This world needs YOUR input, your voice, your thoughts, your unique perspective! It’s what makes life beautiful when we can grow and learn from others. I think each of you are a part of that cycle and should start to see yourselves as WORTHY of playing in whatever industry you are in. I hope even one of these tips reaches your heart and helps you understand how important your art really is. You no longer have to be stagnant. You MUST be proactive and intentional with you’re own creativity. It’s in you and when you can unleash it…I promise it’s magic!

Much love,


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