Dixie Chick in a Lucky Brand Hat


One good thing about being back in Dallas Texas is we get to spend time with some of our very best friends (who happen to own horses!) Two of our favorite people in the world, (Christopher's best man Nathan and his wife Hannah) live in the country in a beautiful white southern home. As a teenager Hannah got her first horse that she kindly shared with me so I could snag a few beautiful pictures for the blog and I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. We snapped these pictures at golden hour and the lighting was doing all sorts of wonderful things. And we had some onlookers, or as my husband called them "biggest fans!" See my audience below! As well all the links to this pastel lucky brand outfit. And of course Daisy (the horse)!

My "biggest fans" are of course these cows pictured below! As we walked across the field towards the horses these cows were mooing at us like crazy! Then they watched very closely as we pet the horses and posed with their friends. Chris encouraged me to try to get a picture with them. This is me really trying to focus because I was really scared I was gonna get stampeded! 

Outfit Details: Blush Skinny Jean from Lucky, Teal Velvet Sweater from Aerie, Floppy Boho Hat from Lucky, Fringe Earrings from Lucky. 

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