Spring's Best Floral Dresses At The Flower Fields


The Flower Fields is every floral loving, feminine, and romantic girl's dream! The field is located in the San Diego area in Carlsbad California. My first thought was that the field was gonna be 20-30 minutes away from the highway; somewhere out in the country but funny enough it was right off the highway; next to a gas station and a McDonald's. And because I love spring I wanted to overwhelm my Instagram feed and blog with as many flower pictures as I could get! I snuck my way into these red flowers above; your technically not allowed in the fields, only next to them but I couldn't help myself! There were even little golf carts with "flower police" (that's what I named them), monitoring the flowers at all times! I did my best to jump in when they weren't looking. If you're in the LA area but sure to take a trip and visit these blooms before they're gone! Follow the Flower Fields IG here and my wonderful photographer JoAnna Falk here. 

Although my outfit is from Free People and very bohemian, my basket with flower and hat accessories made me feel like I was shooting for Southern Living.  I'm linking my favorite southern/floral inspired dresses below. These dresses range in price so be sure to check out each one for something in your budget. I've personally got my eye on the ruffle lavender dress below from J.Crew. 

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Outfit Details: Free People Day Midi Dress from Free People (Now on Sale for $100), Brixton Straw Hat from Urban Outfitters, Drop Earrings from Loft, and Straw Tote Bag from Urban Outfitters. 

Outfit Tip: I'm wearing a size small in this boho number! I got it in store and they were all out of mediums or I would have probably gotten a medium. The small fits well everywhere except my chest area. Wish there was a bit more room. Other than that the fit was perfect! 

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I've learned that I absolutely love styling shoots! I have only styled my own so far but styling has defintily become a huge love of mine when it comes to playing with the entire presentation of a photo/photoshoot theme. Fashion isn't just the clothes you wear but the way you bring them to life and the story they help tell.