A Three Part Cinderella Story in NYC


Cinderella on the Streets of New York


I could never have imagined a more perfectly cold day for an outdoor photoshoot! You know the sarcasm runs real deep.  The biting cold air froze those naked arms right off let me tell you! Every second in this northern winter weather reminded me of all the previous photoshoots Sydney Goodwin (from @sydneygoodwinphotography) and I took together last winter in Central Park prepping for spring new arrivals. See my photoshoot from Valentine's Day and this spring look that froze my butt off in Central Park! 

The hubby and I decided to take an impromptu trip up north to NYC, the place we called home less than one year ago! It was nostalgic to say the least. I never thought we would get a chance to be back on the playground streets of New York after we decided to head to the West Coast this coming spring. We moved to NYC two and a half years ago after I graduated college and got married. We moved two months after our July wedding and lived there for about a year and a half. Then the cruise job swept us off our feet as we headed to our European adventure this past summer. We spent 5 months in the Baltic and a month sailing around the Caribbean. Now that we are staying in Dallas for the holidays; in between jobs, I didn't think we would have the opportunity to get back to NY. But God thought otherwise and provided us a way there! We spent a week in Long Island visiting with our best friends, (Sydney and her husband) and enjoyed all the snow, nostalgia, and all the photoshoot opportunities we could find! And trust me we went overboard! (I can't complain...I loved every second of it.) This shoot was inspired by the high fashion you see on the streets of New York. I've always wanted to do a ballgown dress photoshoot in the middle of busy traffic. I wish I could tell you that I actually had somewhere to go in this dress but nope, it was all dress up! Every girl deserves to feel like Cinderella every once in a while and why not do it in cobalt blue?! Pictures taken at Colombus Circle on the Upper West Side. 

All The Places You'll Go...

Our favorite places we visited during our stay in New York City: Want the list of our personal favorite restaurants and city inspired activities we did during our trip? I'm gonna break it down for you! This list includes all places and things we fell in love with when we first moved to this city. It's been so long since we have been able to familiarize ourselves with these places again but it was a bittersweet feeling revistiting all of them! So here's the low down of everything we did on our trip plus some extra favorites from the two years we lived there. Be sure to check them out next time you find yourself in The Big Apple!

1) Alices Teacup-houses the most adorable vintage teacup sets with a grown up Alice and Wonderland theme! One of my best friends in the city and I had a tradition of going to Alice's almost once a week on the Upper West Side. There's always a few minute wait because the place is so popular. We usually ordered the large pot of tea and two scone option on the menu. They have scones from white chocolate raspberry to pumpkin glaze this time o year. This place was like therapy to us during the brutal winters. They recently opened their second store, Alice's Teacup Chapter Two on the East Side. Check out their IG here: @alicesteacup

2) Room Service Restaurant- This restaurant is by far my favorite restaurant in NYC! Christopher and I made a habit of bringing everyone who came to visit us here! Room Service is a Thai restaurant that serves bigger portions, truly pleasing my Texas eating heart! I always ordered the Thai tea and the Paid Thai lunch portion which is under $10. We love this place because it's affordable yet the food is super delicious! 

3) Schmackery's Cookies-If you know me you know that I'm the human version of the Cookie Monster! Schmackery's is where you go if you wanna eat your feelings in Times Square! This place is super quaint in it's design and the cookies are massive! They specialize is flavors from bacon to my favorite Funfetti! Check out their IG here: @schmackery's

4) BROADWAY SHOWS (of course)-So during the time we lived in NYC we tried to attend a broadway show of some sort every few months. You can't live in the heart of one of the most incredible cities in the world and not see a Broadway show! At least that's our philosophy! We saw Waitress twice while in NYC and it's by far my favorite musical I've seen. You can't even imagine the water works that filled up my seat in the theatre. And we were lucky enough to win the lottery to see Hamilton last year! And of course we loved it! The music was phenomenal and the acting was top notch. 

5) Joe's Coffee-They have locations all around the city but the one I stationed myself at was the Upper West Side location. This coffee shop was one block away from my apartment and it was the first place that introduced me to Chai Lattes. I also used three punch cards while I lived there, which tells you a lot about my spending habits!

6) Vintage Twin Clothing Store-Of course I have to let you in on all the vintage shopping in NYC (See my post on my favorite vintage stores here.) And that starts with The Vintage Twin. This little pop up store houses everything from grungy vintage tees to the prettiest floral vintage skirts and dresses. It's specifically known for their high waisted mom jeans. I think I have four items in my wardrobe from here! Check out their IG here: @thevintagetwin

7) Barcade in Brooklyn-If you like to play games and drink at the same time Barcade is for you! This cool hipster bar is housed in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This was one of our favorite things we did for fun in NYC. The bar/arcade houses an array of old fashioned video games for the game lover! It's a fun place to take your friends and enjoy a blast from the past! Check out their IG here: @barcade

Cinderella Outside the Ball


These pictures feel like they're straight out of a storybook. I couldn't believe how beautiful they turned out. These were taken on the East Side across from Central Park on 59th street. I had people yelling "Cinderella" when I walked down the steps, hence the inspiration for the title of this post! 

Cinderella at the Plaza

Funny story about The Plaza! When we asked about taking pictures on the steps like this we were first told no. It was against the rules and the manager was there! But after some conversation and maybe seeing how cold I was in the dress the employee "ran to get a coffee" and we were allowed two minutes to get as many shots as we could! 

Outfit Details: Alfred Sung Strapless Ballgown from Nordstrom's, Jessica Simpson Cobalt Heels from DSW, and Crystal Necklace from Nordstrom's. 

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