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Last month I finished off spring in Ashland Oregon with my husband as he finished playing "Guy" in Once (A Musical.) Maybe you've heard of the movie. As I visited Ashland several times this past spring I always wanted to take pictures at this beautiful little spot downtown and I couldn't imagine a more perfect fairytale photography moment. I'm wearing a cropped corset like top from Anthropologie (old) and this vintage embroidered white skirt by Ralph Lauren. Funny enough I found this skirt at Good Will in Ashland! I can never turn down a good vintage piece like this one. Don't be afraid to look at thrift stores and places like Good Will!!! Seriously you never know what you might find! :) 

Life Update from The Fordinal's

Chris and I moved to Los Angeles OFFICIALLY about two weeks ago! Oh man it's been quite a whirlwind between moving, setting up life, getting to know our neighborhood, finishing the decorating and furniture buying. We are currently residing in the beautiful residential neighborhood of Burbank. Burbank is quite special in and of itself. It's known for it's comic stores, artsy people, families, and all the film studios! Disney and Paramount are here as well as several others. 

First things first for us as we lay down new roots is to find a church home. Finding a community of Christians is super important to us and our spiritual walks. It was really tough finding a good church in NYC and after a year we finally found one we called home right as we left for the cruise ship. So here we go again! It's always a little like showing up to the first day of 8th grade when looking for a church. It's kinda awkward, you take in the people and the vibe and without knowing it you compare it to what you loved in the past. It can be a weird thing but it must be done and so the church hunt starts! 

I want to give you guys a tour of the apartment at some point soon! We are still working on finishing touches but unlike our apartment in NYC this one has more bohemian vibes. It's still the sweet farmhouse/vintage feel but with so more color and not so much BLUE! We lived in a blue apartment in NYC; walls, bedding, every decor was this light teal blue but now it's a bit more balanced. I'm learning about interior design as I go! Stay tuned for more blog posts to come....

Have a great week everybody and thank you for following along :)


Princess Inspired White Dresses for Summer 

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