Tell All From The Citrus Farm On How I Learned To Model

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This is my favorite shoot I think I've ever done! I know I say that almost every shoot but these pictures are EVERYTHING! I'm sooo impressed with the way they turned out. I'm in a Los Angeles fb group for models and photographers and I put out a post with a free day and interest to shoot with a good photographer and I found the talented and artistic Heather Koepp. Follow her on Insta @dreamcatchersphoto for the dreamiest indie pictures. She suggested we shoot at this Citrus Farm in Riverside California and it ended up being such a dreamy and beautiful shoot. I hope you enjoy these pictures! I love working with new people. I had a lifestyle shoot at a taco stand this morning actually. I'm working to develop more lifestyle pictures for a specific agency I'm focusing on. 

Continue reading below for my Modeling Tips/Story! 

How I Learned To Model

Have you ever wondered how someone learns to model? Well I'll give you a few pointers! Basically I started modeling when I started taking pictures for my blog. Prior to that I had only done a few higher quality shoots. 1) Before getting married to my handsome hubby I did a sexy boudoir shoot for him and bonded the photos in leather bound book for him and gave it to him on our wedding night...oh la la!  2) My wedding photos on the big day!  3) I did a shoot in NYC in Central Park when I first moved to New York. 

So that's all the experience I had before the blog! It was very little. I learned how to model from DOING! My bestie Sydney Goodwin teamed up with me during the first six months of Girl of an Era and I learned from her direction/my own instincts. Part of modeling is about being comfortable in front of the camera! For me I feel more comfortable modeling in some ways than I do acting in front of the camera. There's not much thinking involved for me. I really go off the feeling of the shoot. The essence of the shoot informs the "character" I put on. That's part of it too! I embody a certain essence within my body and marry that with my movements and physicality. I tend to like softer poses; sometimes less is more! And you have to find your light and keep your chin up (you don't want those double chin shots!) Some photographers like to work directly in the light and others want an overcast. It just depends on who you're shooting with so don't be afraid to ask questions. 

My Quick Tips:

1) Find out where your shooting-what's the lighting? 

2) Find angles! Straight on, to the side and up (tilting your chin towards the sky), hand on your head etc. Try different things! Don't be afraid to move. 

3) Play with levels! I like to shoot laying down or even siting. You don't have to keep to only standing. 

4) Keep that posture straight. I have to remind myself of this all the time and sometimes I forget but if that spine is long is makes you look leaner and more statuesque. 

5) Play with your hair! haha sounds silly but you don't know how many pictures I fell in love with because I ran my hands through my hair. 

6) Just as many dramatic photos you get make sure you're getting those fun, flirty, corky photos because those show the most personality! 

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