Southern Roots in a LA Girl: Inside my future dreams...


Most of you know that I'm from the great state of Texas! I'm definitely a proud Texan. I was never prideful about being from Texas until I moved to NYC and realized how special my home state truly is. No comparison to NYC but I realized how hospitable Texans truly are and how special my southern roots are. I haven't lived in Texas in almost three years but I still appreciate the Texas Mex, the people, the big open sky and most recently how affordable it is! Real estate in Tx is for one is more afforadable than anything I've looked at on Zillow in Los Angeles. (Fun Fact: I look at Zillow and Truilia way too often in my spare time! I'm obsessed with looking at potential future homes for my one day bigger budget.) My hubby and I have been talking about laying down roots. We have no clue when that would be because we are still on the living out of a suitcase track but we talked about buying a house around about an hour outside of LA in the next few years. 

Who else wants kids?! Both of my hands are totally raised because I'm soooo excited to be a mom! I can't wait to start a family with my hubby; it takes everything in me to put it on hold and of course acting is the main reason. I've always been super maternal. I've been on and off nannying since I was 16 and I was definitely guilty of the "second mom" syndrome growing up with my little sister. Regardless of my career I would like to start our family in about 3-4 years! When I was unhappy in NYC that number was much sooner but since moving to LA I've definitely been more career oriented which is a good thing! I've always tried to remain balanced when it comes to realistic expectations in the entertainment field. I don't want to give up things that are just as important to me like starting a family just because I have a big dreams. I believe I can do both! Not necessarily always with the same effort at every step but a balanced life. So there you go! Two of my dreams in the next few years. I'd love to lay roots down with my hubby and start a family! Don't freak out. It's not happening anytime soon but the desire is there and I know God will show us when the time is right but for now I'm enjoying going to the mall without a stroller and tears! 

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