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My Teeth Whitening Story: A Confident Actress is a Working Actress

Join my Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening and Makeup Brush Set Giveaway!


As a theatre girl growing up in the acting industry, my parents made sure to prioritize my teeth when it came to making sure I had a straight and beautiful smile. At 12 years old I got braces to fix my extremely crooked front teeth and I'm so grateful for that dental confidence early on. Today as a 25 year old adult, I decided it was time I take my dental hygiene into my own hands. That starts with of course going to the dentist, brushing twice a day and lastly and most importantly having a bright and beautiful smile! As actress it's so important to look my best and yellow teeth from sugary foods and drinks isn't cutting it for me anymore! (Don't even drink coffee) I needed a little help and that's where Smile Brilliant comes in. Teeth whitening can be hundreds of dollars for real results or you can spend $50 and buy crest whitening strips that hurt your teeth and don't always work. Smile Brilliant is that perfect middle ground for people who are serious about owning their smile but don't want to break the piggy bank! 

Whether you're in entertainment like me, a college student, a mom on the go this kit is perfect for you and your daily life! I stuff my whitening trays into my purse when I'm on my way to my nanny job and they are completely protected with Smile Brilliant's tray case. Easy to do and real results in 7-10 applications. What's your story?

The Smile Brilliant Whitening Product: The people working behind Smile Brilliant are so passionate and the customer service you will receive is top notch. The product WORKS! These are REAL results The whitening kit is beautifully packed and there's easy DIY directions on how to start your whitening process. 


7 Easy Steps to a more confident YOU: 

1) Inside your whitening kit will be directions on how to create your Smile Brilliant Whitening trays. You will be able to mold your teeth's impressions to make your own trays in less than 10 minutes. It's such a easy process with all the tools in the box to do it yourself. 


2) Send the tray's back to the company and the creation of your custom fitted whitening trays will immediately be in process. 


3) Receive your whitening trays in the mail and start whitening. 


4) First, use the whitening gel for 45-3 hours with a thin application along the rim of the trays 


5) Rinse your trays and dry them well. 


6) Now apply a thin application of the desensitizing gel to your trays and insert them for around 15 minutes. 


7) Don't eat for at least 30 mintues and get ready to see a whiter smile that same day!



Smile Bright Like A Diamond: My Before and After Pictures  

My Makeup Brush Set Giveaway! 

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