Betty Draper in Russia

One day as I strutted down the streets in Russia in my most comfortable tennis shoes looking for a quaint cafe to find internet I looked up and the most massive Zara right in front of my eyes. As my husband read my mind he left me to wonder the 4 story international retail store that is Z.A.R.A. Although we have Zara in the states and I've been known to find a thing here and there in the past, nothing compares to Europeans take on this store and how it is one of the most affordable European retail stores across the baltic. We have found that every port has a Zara and on this particular day in Russia they were having a storewide sale which I've never seen in the states. I got this red showstopper (Mad Men inspired) dress for $45 Euros which in the U.S. is $53.00. Normally back in the states this dress would have cost me somewhere between $70 and $100 so of course I'm jumped for the chance to snatch this hottie for my own wardrobe needs. 

Most photoshoots need planning in order to make sure we've secured a location, the weather is ideal for photography, and the outfit and location look pleasing atheistically together. This last cruise (like most cruises) we planned on going into Russia. We have two days in Russia each week and the first is an overnight port which means we don't have to be back on the ship till 2:00 am only ensuring we find ourselves in some wild adventure of some kind. #WHENINRUSSIA! Chris and I ended up getting off the ship much later than anticipated so we didn't get into St. Petersburg till 6:00 pm but the sun was still out and shining bright above us so our first pit stop was a coffee shop for some wifi. After internet we planned to head to Peterof Palace which is about a 45 minute car ride away which we didn't research till we got there! See photoshoots need PLANNING! So we decided that if it was meant to be we had to find a good location closer to downtown. It was Christopher's idea to do it across the bridge and shoot where the backdrop is overlooking the water and St. Issac's cathedral.  It ended up being so perfect with this Zara cocktail dress and J.Crew berry scarf! What do you think?

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