Swimming in Strawberry Fields of Confidence

Confidence comes from within
— Every woman who overcame body dysmorphia

Here am I to talk about a tough subject (BODY IMAGE) and of course not to skip over fashion with many of my favorite print inspired swimsuits below! So allow me to begin! Weeks leading up to this planned swimsuit photoshoot I worked out everyday at least an hour a day and ate as healthy as I could (which basically means a few less carbs and upping up my protein but I didn't reduce my calories or overly restrict.) After those two weeks the day of the swim shoot was finally here. As I stood on the beach in the chilly spring air in Long Island, NY all those little devilsh thoughts started entering my brain. My inner voice saying: "my thighs are huge...their touching together, my stomach isn't flat, I have bat wings like a taradactal, I'm crazy to do this, these pictures aren't gonna turn out well..." The worst thoughts! Also the most relatable. I know I'm not the only woman who feels subconscious about her body, especially in a bathing suit. Every year I tell myself "Ok Lauren! This is YOUR year. This year you're gonna feel amazing in a swimsuit, you're gonna be a workout barbie and get the best body you can have!" But somehow every year I fall short. As a fashion blogger in the blogger community I get to witness the most beautiful women putting their bodies out there for display with the most gorgeous clothing draped on them. Let me tell you it's intimidating! I'll be real with you, I don't feature a lot of shorts on the blog specifically because I've also felt self conscious in shorts as well as a bathing suit. I felt discouraged that I wouldn't get enough courage to do a swimsuit feature for the blog.  At some point I decided that these inner thoughts aren't constructive, they're definitely not Godly and keeping me from being my full self and therefore holding me back. So here I am posting them for all the world to see! And as reflect on my own body struggles (and I have a long way to go) I never want to hold myself back because I'm not the image I have in my head. I'll never be that but I am beautiful and I need to embrace the unique kind of beauty God gave me because even if I reach my fitness goals I know that I'll always have that little voice inside my head.  I'll always want more and be worried about some stretch marks and lumps I don't like so I've come to accept at least today (I'm making no promises tomorrow) that where I am right now must be enough and that I wanna share it with you! Life's too short not to eat colorful berries on the beach in my favorite swimsuit. 

Heres the thing: I GOT CURVES! They're lumpy when I don't workout! They're toned and curvy when I do but their sexy and beautiful and I'm proud to have a body that is breathing, healthy, and literally carried me to new places in the world! #luckytobeawoman  Shop some of my favorite bold patterned one-piece swimsuits below!

This berrylicious swimsuit is from J.Crew! Since I'm on a boat and wifi is a seriously expensive thing unfortunately this one piece is already sold out but don't fret! I have found some contenders well worth the competition that I'm featuring below! Shop them by clicking the picture below. 

Modest but Oh So SEXY One-Piece Swimsuits

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