My Fairytale Southern Wedding: Two Year Anniversary

Lauren Christopher-Bride Groom Portraits-0015.jpg

I can't believe today's the day that I've officially been married to my best friend, lover, and overall goofball of a husband for two years! July 12th our anniversary. Fun fact, I'm terrible with dates and Christopher makes fun of the fact that I get his birthday which is June 13th and our anniversary confused! I planned the darn wedding, you would think I'd remember the actual date! I digress. Let me tell you now that I love being married. I can't imagine living life without my husband. He's my other half. And I'm not just saying that to be romantic and clique. God has given him qualities I don't possess but that I need which is one of the reasons he made us for each other. He's logical and I'm emotional. He's tidy and I'm messy. He's great with money and I'm great at spending money! (HELLO CLOTHES!!!) He's calm and easy going and I'm a worry wart and spontaneous! We are literally opposites but we are alike in the ways we need to be, there are so many things that have aligned us to be husband and wife. For example, our love for people! We love our friends deeply, we are loyal when it comes to friendships and relationships, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE JESUS! That's the biggest thing we have in common and the foundation our relationship is built on. We both hate heights and big rollercoasters, we both love to perform, we love a good dramatic and well written show, we are addicted to SWEETS! I shouldn't be proud of it but for real we enjoy eating desserts together! A new thing I've learned in the last year is that we love to travel! We like to do things together and so we go where the wind blows us, whatever that may be, even to a hotel in the middle of the ocean!  

Marriage is wonderful and hard! I'll be honest and transparent about that. No one ( NO ONE!!!) has a perfect marriage and those who appear to have it all together don't. That's ok that you can't tell, some people are more private and I respect that but Chris and I have always been open about our struggles as a couple and as people. We hope it helps others open up and relate to us so other married couples don't feel alone in this crazy ride that is MARRIAGE! We fight. Yes...we do. We love each other and have a very healthy and incredible marriage but we have struggles that every marriage deals with at some point or another. We bicker about silly things and we argue about important things. I used to wonder if we argued too much but as I've gotten to know other people it seems that arguing isn't always a bad thing. We communicate with one another. We want to argue because we don't want to shut down what's going on or end an discussion just to avoid a fight. We figure it out! We disagree, we argue and we resolve it and then we move on. None of these things go perfectly every time and we are always trying to grow as a couple but I'm proud of where were at in our marriage. I love my man, what can I say? He's the perfect person for me and God is doing so much in our lives! I'm beyond blessed to be his wife and wouldn't trade a bad tender date for this life any day of the week. Check out more pictures from our fairytale wedding below since it was the best day of my life!