Top Vintage Clothing Stores in AUSTIN and NYC!

Who else is a lover of vintage dresses?! I'm always on the lookout for that unique vintage piece I can add to my wardrobe. Some of my best friends have found the cutest things at Goodwill but I've never been so lucky. Where I shine is finding a one of a kind vintage outfit at a hole in the wall thrift or vintage store for an affordable price. If you also share my love of clothing from the past you know that it's all the rage which means it's not cheap! So below I listed my favorite vintage stores in the two cities I love the most: Austin, Tx. and NYC where I've always paid less than $50! Scroll and click the links below.

                   Austin Texas

1) Room Service Vintage: Instagram (Click Here), Website (Click Here): This store has tons of beautiful vintage lingerie pieces and dresses as well as fully stocked beautiful mid century furniture and decor such as hardwood dressers, cushion chairs, and turkish rugs.

2) Buffalo Exchange: Instagram (Click Here), Website (Click Here): I can't tell you how in awe I was of this buffalo exchange! I've been to this one more times than I'd like to admit. They have some really fun vintage finds but they are really known for designer brands on every aisle. The price here is super affordable too! Most items are between $10-$25. You can also buy and sell your clothing here, they take the best of season as well as classic Tee's and other pieces.

3) Charm School Vintage: Instagram (Click Here), Website (Click Here): If you're a bohemian gal this store is for you! They have sweet and romantic vintage finds such as leather over the shoulder embroidered bags, flowy tunic tops, and leather sandals perfect for a flower child. This place is a little pricier than the rest of this list but you can definitely find a steal here! This store also carries many smaller jewelry designers and other clothing companies among-st their vintage collection.


            New York City:

1) The Vintage Twin: Instagram (Click Here), Website (Click Here): This is my go to and top favorite vintage clothing store! Although they have almost everything they are known for their vintage high-wasted jeans! I have been in luck several times with gorgeous vintage skirts from the 90's and the dress pictured in this post! I've also found off the shoulder 80's dresses that are to die for! They carry blue jean jackets and hipster Tee's in mass quantities too!

2) L Train Vintage: Instagram (Click Here), Website (Click Here): This incredible store has a location in every borough of NYC. Their prices are affordable and they have every vintage trend out there. If you're super hipster this is the store for you! From oversized blue jean jackets and sweaters to blue jeans with stars and hearts on the booty! So much sass and style in one store! Perfect for both men and women.

3) Buffalo Exchange: Instagram (Click Here), Website (Click Here): I told you I'm a sucker for Buffalo! Seriously, if you thought I loved the Austin store the NYC location blows it out of the water. SO MANY CHOICES! When I walk in there I end up walking around with so many clothes my fingers hurt from the hangars! That's sooo sad! Anyways, I had a girls day at this store with three of my friends and I think each of us walked out of there with something unique and amazing! You can also buy and sell at this store! Locations in Chelsea, East Village, Williamsburg, Astoria, and Boerum Hill.


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