Bonjour from the Riviera

I have dreams of going on a Venice gondola ride in this outfit! It gives me all the feels with these bright yellow riviera pants and bold blue sweater crop. I feel like an artist walking the streets of Paris looking for the next landscape she can paint. I know...lots of dreams! But what's fashion if not to transport you somewhere else or another time in history? That's what fashion does me for!

Everything from the shades, scarf, top and pants are from Loft (one of my favorite stores) and today they are having a 40 % sale! I usually shop at the Loft during one of their sales and consistently they have 40 % off almost every other week. 

Silk scarves are all the rage these days! They have become everyone's new way of accessorizing. I love this understated botanical scarf found here and this breathable skinny scarf  here. Pair them with a vintage top or a tucked in button down shirt for a feminine flair and you've got yourself a stylish spring look! Now where's the closest French bakery?! I must be hungry while writing this...

Outfit Details: I'm wearing the yellow riviera pant and the short sleeve blue cardigan.  For accessories I'm wearing the maze silk scarf and shades.  The strappy heeled sandals are from Banana Republic and I got them on clearance last year. 


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