High Fashion Force

This outfit is dramatic and bold which is what I love about it! I love dramatic pieces but this wins the Oscar for everyday looks on steroids which is what the biz calls High Fashion. For me, this screams strength and power! What woman doesn't wanna feel powerful on the job or out at a business brunch. Hand up! I do...

I'm not normally one to match different prints together but sometimes you have to think outside the box and pick out something you would never wear on a normal day but would wear on the runway! One day I'll actually be brave enough to wear this bold attire to an event but for now I hope these prints inspire you to take a risk in your own closet! For a girl who loves dresses this was surprisingly one of my favorite looks on the blog.  

This series was inspired by the Valentine's Day hot pink suit outfit I featured. I loved how bold that suit was and how it pushed me past my love for dresses into something just as dramatic and daring. 

This entire outfit was exclusively from Zara.

Outfit Details Below: Red Blazer-Zara, Checkered Pants-Zara, White Blouse-Zara, Embellished Purse-Zara

final edit 3.jpg

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