Valentine's Day Magic


Love is the air! A day before this photo-shoot it snowed heavily in New York. So Sydney Goodwin (our lovely photographer) and I had to do an outdoor snow shoot behind her house in Long Island. We did five minute spurts where we would shoot real quick and then run back into her warm house because it was FREEZING! These New York winters are no joke but the saying beauty is pain couldn't be truer when it comes to 28 degree weather.  It was completely worth it because I couldn't be happier with the way this look turned out...there's something so magical about snow.

Outfit Details: Dress-Zara, choker-urban outfitters, mink-banana republic, black heels-DSW. 

 Get the choker and the red dress to complete this outfit.

One of my favorite color's is red. Especially in the winter! I have fair skin tone and dark hair so us brunettes tend to look good in vibrant colors such as red but I could see a blonde pulling off a baby blue version of this dress! And a red head a mustard yellow or vibrant green. Find the color that works for you and look for pieces to add to your wardrobe that show you off!

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