I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where church and Sunday brunch is where you strut your best dress! My style is partly influenced by old Hollywood actress's such as Vivien Leigh, Doris Day and of course growing up in the South. In my life fashion has always inspired me and its a true art form. Like most artists, it has helped me self express how I'm feeling that day whether it's a glamourous look or my favorite oversized overalls.  Although chunky  sweaters tend to be my default during New York winters.

My husband Christopher and I moved to NYC in October 2015 right after we married in July. We felt called to NYC to pursue acting and musical theatre. We met my freshmen year of college and are now going on two years of marriage. NYC has become our playground! Actress by day and nanny by night. NYC instills this drive that each New Yorker shares in common. A friend once told me "the city has one heartbeat, a common rhythm we all live our lives too." Nothing could be truer. As girl coming from the great state of Texas I've learned thing or too. It's taught me how to fight in a competitive industry such as acting and to remain true to myself through every life change. Life isn't perfect, and even through the hustle I found myself needing a place to escape too everyday, something to pour my heart into. That's where the blog came in. This blog has already brought my life so much joy, it's teaching me to push myself to go places I never thought I could be and to trust that at the end of the day life isn't in my hands. Most importantly, it has reminded me to enjoy the life God has given me because life is short so shoot for the moon! 


At 24 years old and a few years post college the biggest question I get throughout my gal group is:


It was that exact question that sparked my enthusiasm to start a fashion/lifestyle blog for the people I love. A lot of mid twenties women like some of my college friends are lost on where they fit in terms of style post college. You know the phase when you don't quite have the cash to spend on J. Crew and Banana Republic but you're tired of the forever 21 (everything shrinks phase!) What if I told you that I can afford to shop at those stores because I score big on their sale items. My closet is full of higher brand items at a low price because I love a good deal but don't want to compromise on quality.  There's a place for you to feel confident and sexy in this transitional stage of your life and I'm here to share my secrets on just how to find high quality clothing for an affordable price and keep you in the know with all my favorite trends every season. If a everyday girl like me living on a tight budget in NYC can do it, so can you!